Leather goods are beautiful, durable and always relevant!

enjoythewoodestonia leather travel notebook

Our assortment includes leather goods such as:

  • wallets
  • notebooks
  • bags
  • cases for laptops
  • organizers …

in various sizes, colors and variations. The leather that will go into production is independently selected by the employees and the selected material undergoes an additional quality check before manufacturing the product.

Crazy Horse Leather

The products we offer are made from Crazy Horse leather.
Crazy Horse is genuine leather that has undergone a special technological treatment.

The advantages of this material:

  • Smooth
  • Elastic
  • Has no gloss
  • Has increased strength, thanks to a special technology of final finishing
  • Long service life without loss of original quality
  • Waterproof
  • Tactilely pleasant
  • Self-restoration (scratches practically disappear over time)
  • Vintage


  • Acquires its final unique shade after 14-21 days of use
  • Leather is tactilely similar to nubuck but more durable in structure
  • At the very beginning, the leather may slightly stain things of light color (Since the leather is not covered with special varnishes)
  • Does not always have perfect smoothness and does not have a stable color scheme


  • Do not wash items!
  • Remove dust with a dry, clean cloth
  • It is best to use alcohol-free cleaning agents to eliminate contamination. After that, wipe it dry with a rag.
  • It is recommended to treat the skin with a wax, this will add softness and elasticity to the skin (this procedure must be carried out periodically).

Processing technique

Leather goods are the result of a combination of mechanical and manual work. For example, steps such as sewing and cutting are done by hand.

Product selection


In conclusion

It can be said unequivocally that leather goods are stylish, and most importantly, an original and durable accessory. We, EnjoythewoodEstonia, offer not only beautiful things but also carefully monitor the quality. We hope everyone will find something interesting for themselves.

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