New and unique! Wooden Estonian wall map | 3D

enjoythewoodestonia wooden Estonian wall map 3D

We now have a new wooden Estonian wall map in our collection with unique design by EnjoythewoodEstonia.

High quality and perfect detailing will delight your eyes for years to come. Map creates a 3D effect due to its unique raised areas from 6 mm to 12 mm, like our other maps.

We are sure our new Estonian map will definitely be the highlight of any interior. This map suits both well home and office.

Installing the map is an easy and fun activity, which you can do at home with your family or in the office with your colleagues, for example.

Versions & sizes

Map of Estonia has two versions: EE and EEM

  • EE
    • multi-coloured
    • coats of arms of counties
    • names of the cities
    • names of the islands
  • EEM
    • coloured by counties
    • county names
    • coats of arms of counties
    • names of the cities
    • names of the islands
enjoythewoodestonia wooden Estonian wall map 3D
wooden Estonian wall map 3D

And three sizes:

  • L ≈ 150 cm x 95 cm
  • XL ≈ 200 cm x 135 cm
  • XXL ≈ 300 cm x 205 cm

Natural wood

Map is made from high quality birch plywood. Humidity, temperature changes, and direct sunlight can damage the appearance of the map. The colour of the map can vary a bit from the picture (lighter/darker).


Mount the map on the wall (preferably, on a flat and smooth surface) with special adhesive tape (included).
Usually, the estimated installation time is about 1,5-2 hours.


You will receive your wooden wall map packaged in a cardboard box and polystyrene. So all details of the map are protected from deformation and breakage.

In the package you will find:

  • Map
  • Compass (wooden) – 1 pcs
  • Boats (wooden) – 4 pcs
  • Adhesive tape -1 pc
  • Instruction EE, ENG, RUS
  • Stencil (cardboard corners) 2 pcs


This is not a true geographical map.

In conclusion

Place order and enjoy your map on your wall. We are sure, it is an incredible masterpiece!

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