1. GENERAL

1.1. The present terms and conditions shall regulate legal relations between the Anmiar OÜ, code of register 14828837 (the Company), and person who has made a purchase (the Client) of branded goods and accessories.
1.2. Apart from the present terms and conditions, any legal relations, arising from marketing of goods via the e-shop, shall be also governed by the laws of the Estonian Republic.
1.3. The Company may alter the conditions of the e-shop use as well as the prices of goods and services. Such notifications about alterations are published in the e-shop environment. The conditions and prices as in effect when making the deal shall apply.

      2. PRICES

2.1. Delivery cost shall be added to the cost of product for delivery according to a way of delivery selected by the Client when making order. Way of delivery and delivery cost are subject to calculation in the shopping cart.
2.2. Where a discount code is available, discount is calculated in the shopping cart after such code has been inserted in the shopping cart.

      3. ORDERING

3.1. The Client shall add goods to the shopping cart after selecting a product, and, if necessary, a size on the product page, clicking on „Add to the shopping cart“.
3.2. You may change a number of products in the shopping cart or remove products from the cart before paying for goods.
3.3. The Company shall send confirmation of order to the Client’s e-mail.
3.4. In the event when product ordered by the Client is missing the Company cancels such order. Order may be cancelled either partially or fully. The Client shall be immediately notified of a cancelled order. In case of partial cancellation of order the Company may ask the Client about his/her wish concerning the remaining part of order – whether to deliver it or to cancel as well.

      4. PAYMENT

4.1. The Client shall make 100% prepayment for online purchases (made in the e-shop).
4.2. To make a payment checkout page, select your favorite payment method.
4.2.1. Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, LHV, Coop Pank, Pocopay via bank links.
4.2.2. By bank transfer (LHV)
4.2.3. PayPal
4.4. Currency – EUR
4.5. Upon submission of order and payment for goods, order confirmation is sent to the Client e-mail. When delivering goods, a bill is enclosed to dispatch, when dispatch is delivered outward the EU, customs declaration shall be also added (the UPU – CN22 form).


5.1. The e-shop ships goods to all countries – members of the European Union.
5.2. The Client may select from different modes of delivering Goods. Delivery of Goods depends on a postal service selected by the Client.
5.3. Goods are delivered to the Client through services offered by Omniva (AS Eesti Post), DPD or SmartPost.
5.4. The products are delivered to Service Users in Estonia in 1 to 5 workdays and abroad in 3 to 10 workdays, unless otherwise agreed


6.1. The Client has a right to cancel purchase without giving any reason during 14 calendar days, submitting to the Company an application (by mail or digital mail) in writing, or reproducible in writing form (e-mail).
6.2. The Company confirms receipt of application for cancellation by sending notification to the Client.
6.3. The Client undertakes to return goods within 14 calendar days from submission of application for cancellation. Cancellation term is considered to be a day when the Client or a person appointed by him, other than carrier of goods, received goods into possession. In the event, when order consists of more than one dispatch, cancellation term is considered to be a day of delivery of the last dispatch to the Client.
6.4. In case of cancellation, the Company shall return to the Client the amounts paid, incl. payment for delivery, by transfer of refund to the Client’s bank account not later than within 14 days after delivery of goods to the Company or receipt of cancellation evidence submitted by the Client. The Company has a right to postpone a refund until the Client returns goods, or submits evidence of handing returned goods over to a post office. When using the right of cancellation, the Client shall bear all direct expenses in respect with return of goods.
6.5. In the event, when the Client wishes to exchange, mend or replace Goods, the Client should send  a request to e-mail address: info@enjoythewoodestonia.ee. In case of exchange or replacement of Goods, the Client shall bear all direct expenses in respect with return of goods, except for a case when returned goods fail to conform with the order.
6.6. A pre-condition of return and exchange of product is a product which was never used, which has all labels and other documents, including a bill issued to the Client.


7.1. The Company is liable for non-conformity and defects of product within 2 years from acceptance of goods by the Client.
7.2. Where non-conformity or product defects have been detected, the Client obligates to notify the Company immediately though not later than in 2 months from a day when he learned about such non-conformity, by sending the relevant information on the e-mail address info@enjoythewoodestonia.ee.
7.3. In the event of nonconformable or defective product, the Client may demand from the Company to perform the liability, cancel the contract, and claim for compensation of damage, cost reduction, and, in case of delay with performance of financial liability, to claim for penalty.
7.4. In the event of nonconformable or defective product the Client may first demand to mend it for free or replace with the conformable and flawless, or return such product at the expense of the Company.
The Client may demand to reduce selling cost of product or cancel the contract and claim for amounts paid for a product if:

  • The Company is not able to mend or replace product, or
  • Mending or replacing of product is impossible, or
  • The Company failed to remedy a defect of product within the reasonable time, or
  • The Client is exposed to unreasonable inconvenience.

7.5. In the event, when nonconformable product is returned, the Client shall be compensated the amount paid for a product, including transport expenses, on the bank account, indicated by the Client, not later than in 14 days. The Company may postpone return of the amounts paid until the Client returns goods or submits evidence of handing returned goods over to a post office.
7.6. The Company shall not compensate expenses incurred by the Client in the event of nonconformable or defective product, and shall not be liable thereof if:
7.6.1. Price of product decreased /product was damaged through a fault of the Client;
7.6.2. Defects occurred as a result of misuse of a product, incl. noncompliance with maintenance guide;
7.6.3. Price of product decreased as a result of natural wear during its normal use;
7.6.4. A document evidencing the purchase is missing.
7.7. In the event, if discrepancy occurs between the Client and the Company relating to defects of a product, the Client may apply to the Company with pretension, indicating in the complaint, submitted in a written or reproducible in writing form (e-mail), his/her name and contact information, date of complaint, defect of a product and required solution. The Company shall respond to the Client complaint in a written or reproducible in writing form (e-mail) within 15 days.
7.8. In the event, where the Client and the Company fail to achieve agreement and the price of a product at issue makes 30 euro at least, the Client may appeal for out-of-court settlement to the Consumer Disputes Committee of the Estonian Consumer Protection Board, and within the bounds of the European Union, for settlement of disputes, based on the use of the Internet, to the environment Online Dispute Resolution on the address http://ec.europa.eu/odr. Complaint handling in the Consumer Disputes Committee is free for the parties. When disputes are subject to be settled in Estonia within the Estonian Consumer Protection Board, the laws of the Estonian Republic shall apply.
7.9. Where the parties fail to agree with decision of the Committee, they may file a claim with the county court in the place of the Company domicile.


8.1. Information about the Clients and their orders, kept in the environment of the e-shop, is deemed to be confidential. The Company shall not disclose information, that came to his knowledge, to the third parties.
8.2. Data transfer between the Client and banks and card payment centres is encrypted, which guarantees security of personal information and banking requisites of the Client. The Company has no access to the confidential banking requisites and the Client card details.
8.3. The Client personal information is handled by the Anmiar OÜ (code of register 14828837, Vana-Kuuli 15/3-90, Tallinn).
8.4. The Anmiar OÜ may authorize other legal entities (authorised person for handling) to handle personal information provided, that with such authorised person a contract has been concluded, in compliance with which the authorised handling person undertakes to keep handled confidential personal data and guarantee personal data protection in compliance with the law.
8.4.1. Anmiar OÜ transfers the personal data necessary for the execution of payments to authorized processor Montonio Finance OÜ.
8.5. The Anmiar OÜ shall open to the Client access to a list of the relevant legal entities, on the ground of digitally signed request, submitted in writing on the address: info@enjoythewoodestonia.ee.