Wall map – to buy or not to buy?

enjoythewoodestonia wooden wall map 3d

Should I buy a wall map?

Our wall maps are stylish, cosy and original. In our web store, you’ll find wall maps made from high-quality plywood and cork tree.

Wall maps will decorate your home or office and make it cosier and more personal. Gentle colour gamma and unique relief will delight your eyes for years to come.

Installing the map is an easy and fun activity, which you can do at home with your whole family or in the office with your colleagues.

Which wall maps do we have in the store at the moment?

We have maps made from three different kinds of materials at the moment: quality plywood, cork tree, and PVC.

Maps creates a 2D (flat) or 3D (relief) effect due to its unique raised areas of 6 mm to 12 mm.


  • The raw materials used in our manufacturing are selected manually.
  • Every piece of raw material passes quality control before cutting.
  • Cuttings and engravings are made by laser.
  • The details are covered with oil wax to show the diversity of the tree structure and individual natural colour.
  • The share of machines in the whole production process is only 10-15%.
  • Painting, grinding, map assembly (3D), quality control and packing are handwork.


Humidity, temperature changes and direct sunlight can damage the appearance of the map.

The colour of the map can vary a bit from the picture (lighter/darker), because it’s made of natural materials.

This is not a true geographical map in which we don’t include all countries and islands. Many islands and countries are omitted due to the size of the map.

Can I mount a wall map by myself?

The card is mounted on the wall with a special adhesive tape (included).
Mount the map (preferably) on a flat and smooth surface.
Estimated installation time: 1,5-2 hours.

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